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Metabolic Training Forces Muscle Molecules to Shred Fat

You know that “burn” you get in your muscles when you exercise?

Up until recently, it was THOUGHT this burn was just your muscle dumping waste products.

But recent research shows these “waste products” are actually potent metabolic signaling molecules called myokines.

Myokines force your fat cells to release stored fat. And your muscle cells to BURN that fat.

Even better… they trigger a POWERFUL anti-inflammatory response that fights the dangerous inflammation pummeling your body from poor nutrition, lack of sleep, excess toxins and too much stress.

And that’s important because inflammation damages your brain, weakens your heart, skyrockets your blood sugar and causes pain in your joints.

These myokines are now thought to be the reason why exercise has shown to be THE most powerful anti-aging tool EVER tested — better than any fruit, vegetable or anti-aging supplement.

But the problem is most people don’t get to enjoy the anti-aging benefits of these metabolic molecules.

WHY is that?

Because they either exercise with time wasting exercises or they don’t do it at all!

Fortunately, there’s now a simple combination of Metabolic Training moves that allows ANYBODY to harness these molecules to burn fat, shape muscle and turn back the clock.

Welcome to the Dialed In Fitness Metabolic Training unique technique that ANYBODY can do that floods your body with a tidal wave of these anti-aging molecules… Bring your determination and willingness to work and we’ll get your body’s own Fat Shredding ability set to Ultimate Level!

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