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Get it in however and whenever you can get it in!

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I'm really enjoying my vacation in NY! Although, plans changed and I ended up without dumbbells and my workout partner, Emily, I still found a way to Get It In Anyway Anywhere!

Appropriate planning leads to success! This is a fact that I aim to apply in life. Whether in matters of high importance or simple but necessary things like getting my workouts in :). Because of this custom, I ensured to prepare for my vacation trip by stuffing my luggage with my TRX and Resistance Bands and I had a killer workout that didn't take me away from all the fun of my trip:)!

Are you planing to fail, because you're failing to plan? It takes a little forethought, but the end results are worth the time and effort ...Come on now, Get it in however and whenever you can get it in.

I got in this quick hotel room workout...

TRX rows

TRX push up to pike

TRX mountain climbers

Bulgarian squats

TRX plank side crunches

Single Leg squats

RB Lateral Raises


Chair Dip Toe Touches

Repeat 2 X. Anytime, anywhere, no excuses, ShredZone baby ! I do wish my workout partner/sister, Emily Medina had joined me, though!

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