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It's Almost Farewell to 2019!

Welcome to November team... can you even believe it? It's almost the end of 2019!

That means we gotta get more serious to finalize and reach all our goals for this year!

Get ready team.. we're kicking November off with plenty of fun workouts, so don't skip any sessions😉. 

Every new month, week, day its great to start off strong w/ awesome sweat sessions.. I'm sure you agree that it just puts us in the right mindset for the entire month, week and rest of the day. So...let's crush this first week of November team👊!

Also, I've been getting asked about which supplements are good for everyday physical wellbeing and achieving results. For several years, I've been taking Collagen & BCAA's around my Workouts and I've never felt better! I'm recovering faster, my workouts have been more effective, and I just feel fantastic. 

What I do is take 2 tbsp w/ my morning hot cocoa and about 15-minutes before workout, then I sip on my BCAA's during the workout for faster recovery and better hydration. 

These are a must because they'll help replenish and speed recovery!


I don't take a lot of supplements, mainly because most are filled with terrible ingredients. However, there's a few reputable companies I depend on... they used no fillers, no artifical flavors, and no dyes. It's top quality and we made it at a competive price.

Check out my last blog post about the importance of Collagen as well as my hot cocoa recipe ▶️

Alright...As for those fun workouts... Meet me at Metabolic Group Training or Schedule your session now 📲 954-861-0668 Call / Text now to schedule!

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