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Welcome to Dialed In Fitness


Are You SERIOUS About Achieving a Lean, Chiseled Body In the Shortest Amount of Time Possible?

So Are We..

Finally, a Personal Training Center Geared Towards Getting You RESULTS!


The days of guessing, struggling, and failing to achieve a sculpted lean body are over with Dialed In Fitness' personal training & nutrition coaching programs!

One-on-One Personal Training 


Dialed In Fitness personal training programs will give you the professional guidance and motivation you need to achieve all of your fitness goal(s) and create "Extreme Transformations". 


We strategically design a safe and effective program that allows you to get results fast.  Each and every session is carefully planned to cater to your goals, needs, and fitness level. Our exercise programs are not computer generated. Dialed In Fitness does not give every client the same workout as you see in most local fitness centers. Everything at Dialed In Fitness is personalized for you.


With Dialed In Fitness you have the highest level of service. You will look forward to every session with us. Last; but not least, you will love the way you look and feel like you've never felt before! 


Personal Training Packages Include:


•1 month of 60min sessions (2 to 5 times a week) 

•Ongoing Nutritional Support & Customized Meal Plan 

•Customized Resistance Training Program 

•Customized Cardiovascular/ Aerobic Programming  

•Before & After Complete Fitness Assessments (Including Body Fat analysis, Body Compositions, Fitness testing and evaluations, Blood Pressure, and more.)  

•Personalized Attention    


​Saturdays 9:00 AM

Beast Mode Bootcamp 


Beast Mode Bootcamp is a Group Training program where you'll gain everything you need to be in the best shape of your life. Beast Mode Bootcamp offers you 3 seasoned coaches with different training styles to rev up your metabolism and improve overall performance and wellness, wherever you are in your fitness journey.  Beast Mode Bootcamp is a fitness community of busy individuals who seek effective and results targeted workouts that fits our lifestyle and invigorates our mind and bodies.

Each and every session, will extremely challenge you and make you surpass your limits, but always, in a safe and progressive approach. 

You get new effective exclusive workouts once a week to avoid plateaus, beat boredom and achieve results FAST. Whether you are just starting out or an athletic fitness warrior, you will take your fitness to new heights. 

Join the "BeastModeBootcamp" with our internationally renowned expert trainers, Carol Medina & Darren Norris!

Join us weekly Saturdays at

The ZOO Health Club - Oakland Park

1427 E Commercial Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33334

Apart from world class fitness expert instruction, nutritional coaching, and unbelievable results, you will get to meet some new fun people who find health just as important as you!

Nutrition Consulting 


Nutrition is the essential and key component to a healthy and balanced lifestyle! You are what you eat and what you eat directly affects all aspects of your life. It can dictate the pace of your workouts, influence your mood, and drastically change your results.


The opposite is also true; You can negatively affect your everyday endeavors with poor nutrition. Dialed In Fitness is committed to helping people just like you, create a nutritional program that will help you reach your goals. We are dedicated to teaching you the proper tools to not only fuel your body, but fuel the rest of your life.


This is a comprehensive, individualized interactive guided curriculum that creates individualized protocol for each participant and serves as an educational curriculum to teach basic human physiology.



Participant is provided a 1-hour fitness assessment/orientation followed by five (5) 60-minute 1 on 1 follow-up sessions (once a week for the next 5 weeks).  

Client is provided with a 3-day menu plan and taught how to manipulate and develop good nutritional habits and 8-Week Daily Journal assessments. Client provided nutrition and exercise Reference Manual


Client Participation:

Client creates multiple personalized meal plans (at home) using the guidelines of the menu received. Menus will be reviewed together during 1 On 1 Follow-ups.

Client maintains daily tracking (nutrition / exercise) using the 6-Week Daily Journal as a tracking tool. Client reads assigned chapters in Reference Manual as assigned. Material will be discussed during 1 On 1 Follow-ups. Reference Manual Quizzes given at each 1 On 1 Follow-up Session.

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