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Dialed In Fitness "Real World " programs Deliver Results!


We'll guide and teach you exactly how to eat, what workouts to follow, what are the best exercises for your mid-section, thighs, hips, arms, and butt. I will "lead you by the hand" and guide you step by step, showing you what it really takes to get six pack abs and a tight & fit physique.


It doesn't matter whether you are business professional, a mother, grandmother,

athlete, fitness model, or just a person trying to achieve a new level of fitness,

our programs will get you results! 


Don't simply take our word for it... Meet our clients, see their accomplishments and what they have to say about our programs!


Now it's your turn to join the many whom have not only reached their goals but surpassed their limitations and get results for yourself!




Dialed In Fitness Personal Training & Nutrition Programs are methods and systems that have been tried and tested in the real world and based on solid scientific principles. No matter your body type or genetics you can and will lose the fat you want. Young or old, male or female, it does not matter....You can and will get results!

Meg has adopted a new fitness and nutrition lifestyle and is also stablishing an an optimal foundation of health and fitness for her daughters. She brings her teenage twins, Kia and Kiki to train hard with her before they're off for school. They're champions at Metabolic Training and for their school team! The youngest of the three, whom I call "J" comes in and also gets her workout on as she prepares to follow her sisters in the athletic life once entering middle school!


Meg never misses a beat, never skips or misses sessions, and completes their at home supplementary workouts and challenges....consistency, hard work, and determination has made her a fitness success and will continue to bring positive results for the rest of her life!


Come and join the Meg and her Trio  as well as the other members of the Metabolic Training family.

Now is your turn to stop making excuses and procrastinating. Achieve what others have accomplished with Dialed In Fitness Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Programs! 

Kathy is really unbelievable!... At 66 years old, no exercise I demand of her is out of the question. Kathy faces every challenging workout with a positive outlook and true determination. Each and every week she comes back and strenuously overcomes the challenging Metabolic Training workouts. 


Come and join Kathy as well as the other members of the Metabolic Training family.

We are ecstatic to annouce our Client Success Story: 


Laurie Holtzclaw Bikini 1st Place Champion Masters Over 30 at the 2012 NPC Miami Classics!


"Laurie Holtzclaw took home 3 trophies on her first competition....Congrats Laurie!"


I wanted to say thank you so much for helping me prepare for my first bikini competition.  I placed first in my age group and third in my division.  Your Dialed in Fitness meals were delicious and convenient;  they made it easy to maintain a proper nutrition plan.  Your training schedule also helped me reshape my body.  I am especially thankful for your guidance and words of wisdom in helping me gain confidence to go on stage in a barely-there bikini.  Thank you for sharing the lessons you learned from your competition experiences;  you have made "my" competition experience unforgettable and positive.



Laurie Holtzclaw

Come and see how we can help YOU 

be your best and accomplish ALL 

of your desired goals and

surpass your limitations!

Farrah Sczykutowicz:

"When my husband and I first moved to Florida 8 months ago, I started looking into and meeting with several trainers. I was pretty picky. No one impressed me. Most were the same fitness level as I was and didn't have much "real world" knowledge of training, nutrition and how the body works. Training can be expensive so you must choose wisely when deciding on a trainer. I wanted a trainer that had competed. I wanted someone with personal experience and I wanted someone who truly cared about the client and not about the money. I got all that and more with Carol Medina. 


I met Carol by accident. We were both in a chiropractic office. I didn't know she was a trainer but I knew by looking at her she was a competitor. I've always been in awe of fitness competitors because of their dedication and fitness knowledge. So, I began asking her questions and surprisingly, she willingly started answering them and giving me a few tips, mainly about nutrition. In my experience, most competitors aren't typically "nice." I was amazed that someone of her stature was willing to talk to me about fitness without being condescending. I was so impressed with her however I didn't think I would ever see her again. I walked out of that office wishing I had grabbed her name. 


One day at the gym, I was reading a Natural Muscle magazine and I came across an article on "running the rack." Once I finished the article, I noticed the face of the author. It was Carol. I was so excited to find out she owned her own training business. I called and set up an appointment immediately. Upon meeting her, I knew my husband and I had found our trainer. 


She has real world knowledge of what makes the body work. She looks good and she knows her stuff. We've been working with her for a little more than 10 weeks. It's the best money we've ever spent and we plan to continue working with her as long as we live in Florida! I've lost roughly 6.5% body fat and gained a little more than 6 pounds of lean muscle mass. My husband has lost 7% body fat and gained almost 10 pounds of lean muscle. 


But more than the results, it's her commitment to us that keeps us coming back. She truly cares about each client. She is available by text, email, phone at any time. She coaches us on nutrition and also changes up our workouts based on what she sees happening to our bodies. There are no cookie-cutter programs here! She monitors our cardio, our daily workouts when we aren't with her and even our diets. She has the ability to make you think you are her only client when in fact, she has many. She takes your goals and caters your workout program to what you want to achieve. 


I cannot sing her praises enough. Not only is she the best trainer we've ever had but she's also the most involved and the most caring trainer. She will push you as long you push yourself and she will motivate you to do more and be more. 


Thanks Carol! You rock! ; )" 

Susy Lee:

You helped me realize that I am a strong woman, able to increase my strength on a regular basis. I have learned so much from you as far as performing the exercises effectively, resting between sets, and pushing myself to the next level. Having you train me allowed me to lift more weight, I didn't get hurt once, and my physique improved dramatically. I now receive compliments on my figure and feel so proud because I, with your help, worked hard to make the changes. You taught me the importance of cardio and eased me into it. Now I can do the stepper for 45 minutes with no problem and I don't take short steps at all. As for nutrition, I am now able to eat 6 meals a day no problem. I have done away with the protein shakes with oatmeal which was my favorite meal, I actually enjoy tilapia after having so much of it, and have added it back to my meals. You were very punctual to our meetings and very understanding of my schedule changes. Your training and competition plan is excellent, it is evident that you put your heart into each client. I feel that I now have a greater appreciation for the gym and figure competitions. Thank you for being such a professional and for teaching me that I can push myself to new levels and consistently achieve my fitness goals."

Now is Your Turn to Transform Yourself!

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